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Explore our Catholic school communities where families feel safe and welcomed while receiving an affordable, high-quality education that celebrates diversity, inclusion and faith-based values.

  • Academic & Moral Excellence: Our school give students the academic subject knowledge, technological savvy and critical problem-solving skills they will need to continue their educational journey to its highest level. Rooted in our Catholic faith, we also guide our students’ spiritual and moral development. We equip our students with the skills to think critically about their beliefs, build their faith through communal worship, and form a lifelong commitment to civic engagement through social-justice work.
  • Safe & Supportive Communities: Our schools host a safe, orderly and loving learning environment where all children understand their worth through the eyes of God and recognize that worth in others. When families send their child to an Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic school, they grow to know, love and encourage one another as they raise their children in faith communities of mutual support.
  • Affordable Investment: Our 40,000+ students receive an affordable, high-quality education that celebrates diversity, inclusion and Catholic values. The investment in a Catholic education pays back over a lifetime - in college and career opportunities, in strength of character, and in relationships based on faith and friendship.

“Our Catholic schools are true beacons of hope; changing lives, developing engaged citizens and contributing to the common good of our great city.”
– Cardinal Blase J. Cupich

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Discover which of our Catholic schools is a fit for your family and can make a positive impact on your child’s future. Connect directly with your local Catholic school. Financial assistance is available for qualifying families.