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The Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic Schools create a community where families feel safe and welcomed while being provided academic excellence and quality programs in a faith-based environment. Our schools each have a distinctive culture, dynamic student profile and sense of tradition and legacy.

Our Catholic schools provide a balanced academic curriculum that integrates spiritual and moral development. They set high standards for student achievement and assist students in succeeding. Catholic school students have a 99 percent high school graduation rate and 85 percent of our graduates go to college. Catholic school students grow to be adults who are civically engaged and committed to service.

A Catholic school education is within reach for all families and pays back for a lifetime in college and career opportunities, strength of character and lifelong friendships. The Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic Schools, individual Catholic schools and local scholarship organizations were able to provide over $40 million in scholarship and financial aid to families for the most recent school year.

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