Catholic High Schools

Catholic high schools are faith-based communities grounded in academic excellence. The Archdiocese of Chicago is blessed with 29 excellent Catholic high schools that nurture discipleship in our students, leading them to personal and collective transformation. As a result of the Catholic high school experience, our students…

  • Graduate at a rate of more than 98 percent, with 96 percent of graduates going on to college
  • Earn millions of dollars in college scholarships each year
  • Continue to be committed to helping others through community service
  • Become civically engaged and can be found in leadership positions in business, government and non-profit organizations
These are very formative years in students’ lives and the decision of where they attend high school can have lasting effects on college acceptance, scholarship potential and their success. Their experiences in high school give them a chance to understand the beliefs, purposes, issues and practices of Catholic faith without prejudice or pre-conceived notions. With a firm sense of their values and faith, students can boldy go out in to a world in need of help and make a difference.
Catholic High School Entrance Exam
The Catholic High School Entrance Exam is typically administered on the first Saturday in December each year.  The 2023 exam will take place on Saturday, December 2. We recommend consulting directly with the Catholic high school where the student intends to enroll for the 2024/25 school year. To find the high school that is a fit for you, view our Catholic high school listing.
Additional Information
For more information on our Catholic high schools, please see the following resources: