Student Support

Supporting our schools as they support their students’ individual needs is a top priority for the Office of Catholic Schools. We foster and support a diverse community of learners and our schools develop the whole child to encourage confidence, self-awareness and emotional well-being.

Our commitment to all students drives the support and resources available to our school leaders and their school communities. Enabling each child to reach their greatest potential requires focus not only on academic excellence, but also on faith formation, child safety and wellness, inclusive education and social emotional well-being.

Our school support team shares knowledge and best practices to empower Catholic educators to better serve each of their students and parent partners. Our schools are filled with families who value the educational mission of Catholic schools and appreciate the partnership between home and school.

In recent years, the archdiocese has worked to expand the amount of financial assistance available so that a Catholic education is accessible to all families.  To learn more, go to our Scholarships page.