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Strategic Plan for Catholic Schools

The Archdiocese promulgated its Strategic Plan for Catholic Schools in 2013. By design, the plan will end in 2016. The Archdiocesan School Board, in coordination with the Office of Catholic Schools and school stakeholders throughout the Archdiocese, is in the process of designing the next strategic plan. This plan, which will represent a clear and comprehensive roadmap for the future, is anticipated to be introduced in the spring of 2017.

The overall vision of the new strategic plan is: Ensuring vibrant, high quality Catholic schools that are available, accessible and affordable. Five focus areas for the plan have been identified, and the final plan will include specific goals and initiatives for each area, along with specific timelines and action items. The five focus areas are:

  • Catholic Identity
  • Academic Excellence
  • Leadership
  • Governance
  • Financial Vitality

As the plan has been developed, deep analysis of the Catholic schools has been performed. Thousands of stakeholders have been consulted through surveys, focus groups and direct engagement with the various committees of the School Board.

The development of the new strategic plan was guided by the following principles:

Evangelizing Mission

Catholic schools exist to evangelize, to foster a relationship between each student and Jesus Christ and his Church. This mission of evangelization and discipleship should remain the top priority for our schools.

Schools as a Priority

A Catholic school is the optimal comprehensive setting for religious education. Church and society benefit from strong Catholic schools. As such, sustaining and growing high quality schools is a priority for the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Best Possible Quality

Each Catholic school must provide the best religious and academic quality possible, animated and supported by excellent leadership.

Access to Catholic Schools

Any geographic grouping of parishes in the Archdiocese should have reasonable access to at least one high quality Catholic elementary school.

Connection to Parishes

Catholic schools benefit parishes, and parishes benefit schools. When possible, schools should maintain formal sponsorship by parishes, and mutually work to achieve a close, vibrant relationship