About Us

School Year Theme

“We Are One Body” is the theme for the 2017/18 Archdiocese of Chicago school year. As St. Paul indicates to the First Corinthians, we all represent many “parts,” but ultimately form a single “body.” The Catholic schools of the Archdiocese represent enormous diversity…our schools serve different neighborhoods, geographies, races, religions, etc. While we celebrate this diversity, we are unified in the single educational mission of Catholic education. We are ultimately part of the Body of Christ, doing our own unique part to build God’s kingdom in our time. The Eucharist, Christ’s body, is at the center of our Catholic mission.

Our schools are also part of this Body of Christ, where each student, teacher, staff member, and supporter do their part to create a beautiful whole. So too is our Archdiocese part of this Body. As we begin implementing our new strategic plan in the year ahead, we will work together to implement unified initiatives and build a stronger, brighter future for our schools. We will also enter the first phase of Renew My Church, which will call us to form relationships and realize how we contribute to a common ministry.