About Us

School Year Theme

"You are the Light of the World" is the theme for the 2016/17 Archdiocese of Chicago school year. This theme evokes energy, holiness and momentum. Taken from the fifth chapter of Matthew, Christ reminds us that we have God's light within us, engendered by the Holy Spirit. We are called to spread this light to those around us. Similarly, our Catholic schools embody God's light, spreading this light to our families through spiritual formation and academic instruction.

Catholic schools are lights to entire communities, and to our Archdiocese. We are inspiring the next generation to recognize and grow their own light, and to courageously carry this light into a troubled world.

The image of light appears with frequency in Scripture. Light is present during the creation of the universe in Genesis. In the Old Testament, God often appears through light, whether it be through a ray of sun or a burning bush. Light is present through the Star of Bethlehem at the birth of Christ. It appears at Christ's baptism and throughout his ministry. Light is notably absent at Calvary, but shines forth throughout Christ's resurrection. Light is new life and hope.