Help us save scholarships for thousands of Catholic school students

Passed in 2017, the Illinois Invest in Kids Tax Credit Scholarship Program provides scholarships to students from low-income and working-class families to attend their best-fit school. The program is a proven success with bipartisan voter support, awarding nearly 44,000 scholarships throughout the state. Despite its immense success, the Tax Credit Scholarship Program is a pilot program. It has a sunset clause which will end the program in 2023, unless our state lawmakers vote to extend the pilot or make the program permanent.

Between now and May 19th, legislators will be meeting in Springfield to determine the future of this important program.  Please help raise your voice to state legislators, so that thousands of children can continue receiving a great Catholic education in the future.

Through this link, contacting your legislator is simple and takes less than one minute to complete.  Let your legislators know you value the Illinois Invest In Kids Act and what it means to our 4,200 students from low-income and working-class families receiving these Tax Credit Scholarships. Ask them to #RemoveTheSunset!

Many deserving students would not be able to attend our Catholic schools without these scholarships. Please join us now in our efforts to #RemoveTheSunset.  Share with family and friends and help spread the word!