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High School Placement Test

The Catholic High School Placement Test will be given Saturday, January 14, 2017 at 8 a.m. Students do not need to register for the test. Simply go to the Catholic high school where the student wishes to enroll for the 2017/18 school year.  The placement test fee is $25.00 payable either by cash or check on the day of testing.  To find a high school where you would like to take the test, visit our Find a School.


When do Catholic high schools give standardized tests for student placement?

Most high schools in the Archdiocese of Chicago administer high school placement test each year on the second Saturday in January. However, there are a few exceptions, please contact the school of your choice to confirm the placement test date.


Why do some Catholic high schools use different placement tests?

Placement tests may vary in how well they can identify student academic success for a particular school. Placement tests differ in the type of information they provide that is used for program and course placement decisions. Tests are selected that best match the mission, educational philosophy and student body of a particular Catholic high school.


Where should a student take the catholic high school placement test?

It is important to take the placement test at the school where the student wishes to enroll in the fall because each high school selects and administers its own test. Taking the placement test at a different school may delay or prevent full consideration for school placement. Contact the high school for further information.


Do students register for the test?

No. Simply go to the Catholic high school where the student wishes to enroll. The placement test fee is $25.00 payable either by cash or check on the day of testing.


What if a student misses placement test date?

Contact the school the student wishes to enroll to learn if a make-up test date is offered. Each school decides if a make-up test date is offered.


How can a student prepare for the high school placement test?

The best preparation for any of the Catholic high school placement tests is excellent academic preparation in elementary school. Some students also may benefit from knowing general test taking strategies and how to pace themselves while taking a standardized test. However, too much emphasis on the test or test preparation is likely to increase test anxiety and lower his/her test score. Test preparation will not raise test scores beyond a student’s true or actual achievement level. Test preparation should be limited to reducing anxiety and becoming familiar with taking a standardized test under timed conditions. Be supportive and encourage the student to do his/her best. Getting a good night’s rest before the test is important.


How do Catholic high schools make student placement decisions?

Each Catholic high school has its own procedures for using test results. Generally, high schools use test scores in conjunction with other information about a student’s academic record when deciding to place a student to ensure academic success. Some considerations could include: other test scores, report cards, classroom and homework assignments, teacher recommendations, etc. Each school determines its priorities in the placement decision process.


Points of reflection

  • Standardized tests provide valuable information about a student’s academic readiness for a particular school.

  • Standardized test performance is only one of several factors in Catholic high school admission and placement decisions.

  • The Catholic high schools within the Archdiocese of Chicago are academically diverse. A student may be able to meet the academic challenges of a highly selective school but not be admitted because of a limited availability of openings.


What can be done if a student is not accepted?

If a student is not placed in his/her first choice, apply to another Catholic high school. One key to a student’s high school academic success is to find a high school that best matches his/her current educational needs. Educational experience and performance in that Catholic high school better enables him/her to grow academically, personally, and spiritually to meet the challenges and rewards life has to offer.


What if test scores don’t match grades or past test scores?

There are many reasons why a student’s high school placement test scores may not be consistent with his/ her grades or scores on other standardized tests. Although test scores are important, remember that a student’s past academic record and other information will be considered in admission decisions along with test scores.