New Leaders Program

The principal mentoring program, Leaders in New Schools, was designed to offer additional support to those taking on the role of new principal in our Catholic schools. Recent trends find all schools across the nation are taking a closer look at leadership positions within their systems. Research confirms that effective school leaders have a significant impact on student achievement. Leadership in Catholic schools is a call to be the faith leader, the instructional leader and the steward of the school’s vitality and viability.  

The lengthy list of duties and responsibilities of a Catholic school principal is enough to challenge the most talented of new leaders. The Archdiocese’s investment in this program affirms its commitment to provide targeted mentoring and support for our new principals so that all students receive an education that is Catholic, excellent and vital.

Leaders in New Schools provides focused and ongoing support throughout the first year of a principal’s career. New leaders form a unique professional learning community, meeting regularly throughout the school year. The facilitator of the Leaders in New Schools provides additional support to new principals through on-site consultations. Staff members from the Office of Catholic Schools make site visits to each of the new leaders to better understand the unique set of challenges they may face and offer further support. Additionally, select years two principals receive intentional coaching to ensure ongoing success as a school leader.