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Archdiocesan Scholarships

Our Catholic schools individually offer a variety of scholarships and financial aid options to help make them affordable and accessible for all those who wish to attend. The Archdiocese of Chicago and the Office of Catholic Schools provide financial assistance to families as well through different programs, including the Emergency Tuition Assistance (ETA) Fund. The ETA Fund was established by the Archdiocese of Chicago to assist families in keeping their children in Catholic schools when unplanned or unforeseen situations arise during the school year, such as a death in the family, a loss of a job, extraordinary medical expenses, bankruptcy or home foreclosure. This fund is eligible for all students in good standing in our Catholic schools who experience an unforeseen need. It is truly for emergency situations and is not renewable or meant to address chronic needs.

For more information regarding scholarships and financial aid, please contact your new, current or prospective Catholic school.