Curriculum and Resources

Early Childhood Excellence Checklist

Do you want your child to: Cooperate with others? Learn to share? Improve physical skills?
Gain confidence? Become a great reader? Solve math problems? Be creative? Learn about
God’s love? Enjoy school? Use this guide to help find the right school for your family.

  • Teachers are state certified with bachelor’s degrees; they are warm, friendly and participate in ongoing training.
  • The classroom environment is inviting, colorful and clean.
  • The student-to-teacher ratio allows for individual attention when needed.
  • Open communication exists between teacher and parents, and the principal and teacher are available via phone, email and in-person meetings.
  • The classroom is set up for a wide range of activities that support learning.
  • The daily schedule allows for activity, learning, play and quiet time.
  • The early childhood program is part of an established setting for learning and not just an “add-on.”
  • Children have access to enrichment programs such as computer, music, gym, art.
  • The building and the classroom are safe and secure; a system is in place for supervision at all times.
  • The community is family oriented and encourages parents to be involved.
  • Students are welcomed into a community of faith, and children begin learning about character building and caring for others.
  • The program’s curriculum is aligned with Illinois’ Early Learning Standards.
  • There is a seamless plan in place for transition into Kindergarten and first grade.
  • The early childhood program has undergone an evaluation process and is recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education.
  • The program is flexible enough to meet your family’s scheduling and financial needs.
  • It’s about finding a school filled with quality faculty who bring a commitment to academic excellence.
  • It’s about an atmosphere that ignites a love of learning.
  • It’s about a culture that is welcoming and supportive.
  • It’s about a community that works together and a place with special traditions.

For more information, please contact Julie Ramski, Director of Early Childhood Programs, Office of Catholic Schools 312.534.3868.