About Us

Faith Formation

We live in a complex 21st century world where the teachings and traditions of the Catholic faith provide deep insight into the questions and challenges of our time. Young people are searching for answers to their emerging questions and realities of life. Catholic schools are communities where students can grapple with questions related to the world, identity and meaning while remaining firmly grounded in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Faith is at the heart of a Catholic education.

The mission of Catholic education is to nurture discipleship that leads to transformation and growth on both the personal and collective level. At every step of the way, students in Catholic schools are guided and cared for by leaders and teachers committed to the holistic development of the young through religious instruction, virtue development and service to the community.

Catholic schools are faith-based communities where belief in God is part of the everyday environment. Students participate in the sacraments, including regularly scheduled Masses, as well as prayer that marks the significant moments of the day. Religious images are present throughout our schools reminding us of the Gospel call to live a holy life.

Our Catholic schools firmly believe that families provide the foundation for the faith development of their children. Therefore, we place particular emphasis on partnering with families in forming their children in the Catholic faith. This partnership gives students a chance to understand the mission, beliefs and practices of their faith. With a firm sense of their values and faith, students can boldly go into a world that needs them and make a difference.

Formed in the faith, graduates of Catholic schools are equipped to positively impact society. Studies have shown that Catholic school graduates are more likely to vote, contribute their time and money to charitable causes, and get involved in social advocacy. Catholic school graduates are more likely to pray regularly and attend Church regularly.

We welcome all students, both Catholic and non-Catholic, to experience the beauty and richness of a Catholic education. We believe that religious and cultural diversity ultimately enriches the entire educational experience. Catholic and non-Catholic parents value the academic excellence of a Catholic school education and the respect shown in our schools for beliefs, values and a higher sense of purpose. Our schools educate the whole child – academically, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Our children are our future!