Catechetical Certification

The vocation to teach in a Catholic school is a unique and special calling. Catholic school teachers are invited on a daily basis to share their faith with their students. This sharing of faith takes place both within and beyond the classroom. From the classroom to the lunchroom teachers in Catholic schools nurture environments and experiences where students encounter Christ in one another. Through word and example the Catholic school teacher is a witness to the abounding love of God.

The National Directory for Catechesis states, “The Catholic school’s effectiveness as a community of faith and a center for evangelization and catechesis depends to a large extent on its teachers of religion” (n. 9c). We are deeply committed to helping our teachers grow in faith and love of Christ in order to fully actualize the mission of Catholic education. Therefore, we require that each teacher seek Level I Catechetical Certification, which involves a series of online courses and a retreat focused on spiritual, theological and ministerial formation. We ask our teachers to complete Level I Catechetical Certification within one school year. While we only require Level I Catechetical Certification, we encourage all teachers to continue their formation through Level II and Level III Catechetical Certification. Please refer to the chart(s) below for further information.

Catechist Certification and Ongoing Formation