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Applying for a Tax Credit Scholarship

Through the “Invest in Kids Act,” Illinois children from low-income households who want to attend private schools will have access to new scholarships. The scholarships offered through this program could cover up to 100 percent of tuition and eligible fees. The window to apply for a tax credit scholarship for the 2018/19 school year has closed. We will provide updates on this website when the applications open for the 2019/20 school year. In the meantime, please review the information below regarding how to apply and details on eligibility requirements.

Tax credit scholarships: Students from low-income households in grades K-12 have the opportunity to receive tax credit scholarships. These scholarships are funded by donors who receive a credit on their Illinois state income tax as a result of their donation.

Application process: When the applications open, you need to apply for tax credit scholarships through a scholarship granting organzation, a nonprofit organization that will distribute scholarships, instead of the Archdiocese or a school directly. 


What you need to apply: Families need the following the following documents in order to apply for a tax credit scholarship.

Household Income Verification, specifically:

  • Form 1040 (Federal Tax Return; 2016 or 2017), pages one and two only
  • If you do NOT file taxes, provide other evidence of income (e.g. W-2, recent pay stubs, Form 1099, official letter from employer, disability statement, or documentation of SNAP or WIC)

Proof of Residence (one of the following):

  • Illinois Driver's License with current address
  • Illinois State ID with current address
  • Utility bill with name and current address

Evidence of Child’s Age for Kindergarten and 1st Grade students only (one of the following):

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport

Additionally, families should know the number of the Public School District in which the household resides. Example, school district #299 for the Chicago Public School System.

How to qualify: Eligibility to receive a scholarship is based on your family’s household income. For example, a student could receive a scholarship if his/her family income is less than $73,800 a year for a family of four. See chart below for more information on eligibility for tax credit scholarships or click here.

Scholarship amount: Your family could receive a scholarship that covers up to 100 percent of tuition and eligible fees.

See the chart below that shows how much you could receive to cover tuition based on your income for a family of four.


Household Income Per Year* (Family of Four)

Eligible Scholarship Amount

Less than $45,510

100 percent of tuition


75 percent of tuition


50 percent of tuition


To learn more, please visit or contact the Archdiocese at or 312.534.5321.

*Adjusted Gross Income

For additional information, please see the Tax Credit Scholarships, Donating to a Tax Credit Scholarship, Frequently Asked Questions, Tax Credit Scholarship Eligibility, and More Information pages.