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While serving as Superintendent of Chicago Catholic schools I meet many wonderful people, stakeholders who share a passion for Catholic education and invest so much of themselves in the continued success of our schools. I witness this passion in our teachers and administrators who are dedicated to making sure our students are getting the best education possible. I see it in our staff who work tirelessly creating programs that will strengthen and sustain our schools for years to come; I see it in those who generously support our schools with their time and resources; and I see it in our parents who make great sacrifices to send their children to Catholic schools – for them, there is no other alternative than to provide their children with a faith based education. The collective efforts of those who share this passion have helped position Chicago Catholic schools as one of the strongest school systems in our country.

Providing our students with an excellent education complemented with the opportunity to learn about their Catholic identity is a blessing we treasure. Our young people are encouraged everyday to use their knowledge wisely, that their lives may be a reflection of His love.

Thank you for believing in the value of Catholic education and supporting our goal of more students in great Catholic schools, doing what we do best in service to families and the future of our world and church.

Sr. Mary Paul McCaughey, OP

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