Cardinal’s Scholarship Fund

The Cardinal's Scholarship Fund provides immediate emergency assistance to parents that are struggling to keep their children in Catholic schools. The fund was established to help sustain the level of enrollment in Catholic schools. While many parents sacrifice greatly to provide a Catholic education for their children, they can't shoulder the entire cost on their own. This tuition assistance helps assure that no child will be denied the unparalleled benefits of a Catholic school education in the Archdiocese of Chicago. In the brief history of the Fund, over 400 scholarships have been awarded.


There are two special events held annually that support the Cardinal's Scholarship Fund.

Emergency Tuition Assistance Initiative

Within the Cardinal's Scholarship Fund, there is an effort called the Emergency Tuition Assistance Initiative launched in 2009 by Cardinal George in response to the recessionary economic conditions in the Chicago area and across the nation. This initiative provides immediate tuition assistance to families who have lost jobs or other severe life changing experiences.

Father Tolton Education Scholarship Fund

Through the Father Tolton Education Scholarship Fund tuition assistance is provided to African-American families with children in grades K-12 in the Archdiocese of Chicago catholic schools.

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