What is a child’s education worth?

When it comes to your child’s future, how do you decide what your daughter’s education is worth? Is your son’s chance to do well in school, to graduate, and go on to college worth paying for? Is it worth making some sacrifices when it come to material possessions or other discretionary family spending?

A Catholic school education isn’t free: it’s an investment in the future and it also takes an investment of time to make it work. But many families truly believe it is worth every penny, because it provides a better return on their investment than any other choice they can make.

It is not just because the teachers and principals in Catholic schools do a better job, or because the environment is more conducive to learning, or because the community is more sharing, or because the values and faith your child learns are more supportive, but because you and your child will be more committed to making it work and will do whatever you can to get the most out of the experience.

Our schools provide support for families who need financial help.

If you want to send your child to a Catholic school but don’t have the resources, don’t despair or walk away from the opportunity to enroll your child in the school you feel will do him or her the most good. Talk to the school about your situation. There may be scholarship funds available to help you. Parishes may also provide help to parishioners who want to send their children to the local Catholic school.

Support a child, support a school, because you care and understand.

Many families who have sent their children to Catholic school in the past, or are currently doing so, understand the reasons why other parents want their children to have the same opportunity. If they can, they choose to support their local school by sponsoring a child or contributing to the school’s scholarship fund.

If you would like to make a contribution, your local school will use your donation to help a family in need to send their child to get a great education and a chance at a successful future. And you will surely be in the prayers of the family that receives your help.

You can make any level of contribution, or choose a number of different giving programs that are already in place within the Catholic schools.

For more information about opportunities for donors, please call 312-534-7911.

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