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Students Scoring Far Above National Percentiles

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

By Ryan Blackburn

An editorial in today's Chicago Tribune titled, CPS test scores plunge as reality intrudes leads with this:

"Chicago Public Schools officials revealed Tuesday that only 52.5 percent of the district's elementary students met or exceeded state academic standards in the last school year. That's a nearly 22-percentage-point plunge from a year earlier."

Yikes, right?!?!

Well, before jumping to conclusions, read the whole editorial. It talks about how the state "dumbed down the tests to avoid sanctions from the federal No Child Left Behind Act," and how these new results are due to changes in the "Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) in anticipation of meeting new national standards known as the common core curriculum."

All that said, we would just like to mention that all of our Catholic school 3rd, 5th and 7th graders take the nationally-normed Terra Nova tests. Our results for our 2013 test-takers again show that Catholic school students significantly outperform the national percentile in every testing category.

Most notably our 7th graders broke into the 80th percentile this Spring. That's a great indicator for how prepared our young men and women are becoming for the future!

Our teachers, principals and families are to be commended for all the work they've done, and will continue to do! For more information about our approach to student achievement, visit our Academics page.

Also, stay tuned in the coming months for a more detailed set of Catholic school profiles on our website. We've heard from many families and stakeholders who are looking for a clearer and more uniform sense for individual Catholic school metrics across the Archdiocese.


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